Happy Pancake…Whoops!

Remember when you were little and you constantly
slipped, tripped, and dropped things?

Remember how all the adults said you’d grow out of it eventually?

Well, at the ripe ol’ age of 27, I can’t seem to shake my accident-prone ways. Over the years, I’ve acquired quite the collection…I have ACE wraps, slings, physical therapy bands, and who knows how many bottles of expired pain meds.

But none of that will work to remedy my latest spill…

A few days ago, Big Bertha tried to fly…

From a tabletop.

Her form was all wrong.

And she forgot her Redbull.

And now, by beloved DSLR is soon to rest in a better place.

We had an amazing two years together.

We visited places we’d never been, captured things we’ve never seen, and had one heck of a time in the #foodporn business. 😉

RIP Big Bertha.

But don’t fret! If Bertha were here right now, she’d want us to celebrate…

Indeed, Pancake Sunday MUST go on!

Lucky for you, not only am I accident prone, but I am also VERY absent-minded. So while I’m not snapping away at some luscious cakes right now, I do have some backup for ya!

You see, I’d forgotten that I already toyed around with the of pan-COOKIE idea
last October. THEN, two months later, I forgot AGAIN and posted the same recipe with different ingredients/measurements.

I know, I’m thinking there may be some blonde hiding under all this red! 😉

So this Sunday, you get to choose!

But either way, you’re getting…


Go light with a short stack layered with vanilla-spiked Greek yogurt…

Click HERE for the recipe!

Or take it to the top with a tower of buttery goodness drenched in maple syrup!

Click HERE for the recipe!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I guess I have some shopping to do…anyone know the best materials to use for a camera burial at sea?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is accident prone AND
has early onset Alzheimer’s!
Think I could ask for Santa to bring me coordination and extra brain cells for Christmas this year? 😉

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