A Wild and Wonderfully Walliterative Weekend!

Well hello there, my little sugar dumplin’s!

I just read through all the comments on Monday’s post and I swear nearly HALF of you professed undying love for wedding cake! Now don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a dessert here and there, but I guess my tastes are just highly refined (read: I have absolutely no sweet tooth), well, unless it had been a big fat Greek wedding COOKIE, then all bets would have been O-F-F! 😉

Anyhoodle, enough about cookies, how about I show you guys a bit more of the fantastic food I found myself faced with this feekend?

Weekend Eats

I could never miss out on an opportunity for appropriate alliteration OR the chance to play with PicMonkey! 😉

And well heck, while we’re at it…

WIAW TealI might as well throw my wegular Wednesday wingding(?!)!

Be sure to scooch on over to Peas & Crayons to see what fabulous foodie funderment is unfolding in other parts of blogworld! 😉

The weekend got off to a wild start with some wickedly delicious WAFFLES!

Waffles with PB & Banana

Freshly made toasted from a frozen box by the man-friend and then slathered in crunchy peanut butter, 1/2 banana, and some waaaay to sweet maple syrup!

After our meal, we made our way to the market of the farmer variety…

Jam Taste Testing

And Heather got friendly with some fellow foodies and scored some free finger foods!

FYI, Nashville Jam Co. has some freakishly fantastic foodiments!

After about half a sleeve of Ritz crackers topped with marscapone cheese and a variety of jams and sauces, I left with a strawberry jalapeno jam and a jalapeno honey mustard…both are highly addicted with heat this spice wimp can handle! 😉

On the way out, overloaded with our obligatory fresh finds, the man-friend had a hunger for something hot and not too heavy…

Shrimp Po' Boy

A crusty Cajun bread filled with crispy crustacean cousins!

aka…a Shrimp Po’ Boy from Nooley’s 😉

I snuck a sample, but not to keep any secrets, my stomach was still pretty full of sweet delicious jam!

Quest Cookie Bar

But there might have been some sensible snacking on a soft and succulent
Quest bar before…

The night of nuptial noshing. 😉

The morning after our decadent dinner, I awoke salivating for something simple…

Toast Egg & BananaToast smeared my new strawberry spread, topped with a perfectly fried poultry progeny and a side of cinnamon sprinkled subtropical fruit!

Not many hours later, we made the most of the marvelous 70-degree weather and went for some motorcycling and Mexican munching at Las Palmas

Motorcycling & Mexican

Veggie fajitas for me and fish tacos for the friend who is my man! 😉

Las Palmas Veggie Fajita Chip

A mouth-waterin’ mountain of a morsel!

We ended the weekend wight with some friends and foods from a faraway land…

Tzatziki's Hummus Plate

Or maybe it was just a Greek joint called Tzatziki’swork with me weople! 😉

Holy delicious hummus and really hard pita crisps that were just ho-kay.

Tzatziki's Greek Salad with Lamb

Followed by a fresh salad filled with freak GREEK flavors and garnished with grilled game (aka, lamb).

And perhaps there was some partaking in some fruity fro-yo fun

Fro-yoLuscious lemon topped with Capt’n Crunch (promise it’s in there), Fruity Febbles, and cha-cha-cha- cherries!

And thus ends my theatrical abuse of thesaurus.com!

What’s the BEST thing you ate this weekend?

Did anyone else know that “wingding” was something other than a font in
Microsoft word??

Oh and since I’m pretty sure at least five of you will ask, my nail color is
“Mojito Madness” by Essie 😉

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