Currently: January

Hey guys!

So I saw this on Lauren’s blog yesterday and just HAD to steal it! I’m a total sucker for anything even remotely resembling a quiz and besides, it’s Thursday…

Thursday ThingsAnd there are THINGS that CURRENTLY need to be said!

Current Book: Dead City by Joe McKinney…book one of four in a new-to-me zombie series that the man-friend has gotten me into. I may not have the cable connection to watch The Walking Dead with the rest of you, but I’m definitely getting my fix of the undead!

Current Music: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leopard.

It’s been on my iPod for like forever, but ever since the man-friend and I watched
Rock of Ages a few weeks ago (which was SO many levels of awesome!), I’ve been playing it NON-STOP!

Current Guilty Pleasure: Online shopping…at work…shhh, that’s our little secret, mmkay? 😉

Current Nail Color:

NailsNothing Else Metals by Essie + glitter…because we all know how I like shiny/sparkly things! 😉

Current Drink: Twinings Christmas Tea.

IMG_0728One word: OBSESSED!

Current Food: Warm smoothies…or, channeling my inner Smart-ness,

(smoothie + soup)

More on that tomorrow!

Current Favorite Show: Still working on Arrested Development…I’ve finally made it to season TWO! Oh and have you heard? The Bluths are coming BACK!

Current Wish List: I’ve been looking for a good pair of diamond studs for the second piercing in my ears, but haven’t been able to find the right size just yet.

Current Needs: More time…always.

IMG_0747Can’t I have like another day in the week or something? That my job doesn’t know about? Or better yet, can I just quit my job and stay home and blog all day?

Current Triumphs: I finally sewed the button back on my coat that fell off almost a MONTH ago. It took five minutes. WHY did I wait so long?! Oh yeah, because I procrastinate EVERYTHING!

Current Bane of My Existence: My body. Yeah, remember that time I hurt my left knee by doing absolutely nothing? Well, I did absolutely nothing to it AGAIN on Sunday night and now it looks like it belongs to a 300 pound woman! I’ve been hobbling around for two days now…the guys have started calling me Nemo…you know, gimpy fin?

Seriously…I really need to look into upping my warranty!

Current Celebrity Crush:

Don’t have one…I don’t really get into the whole “celebrity crush” thing…but I guess I’m not exactly disappointed when dozens of pics of Ryan Gosling fill up my Pinterest feed. 😉

Current Indulgence:

IMG_0755On a spoon. On a stick. Omg, forget the kettle corn,

This is TRUE crack LOVE!

Like seriously…in what state is it legal for us to be wed?!

Current Blessing: My health. My life. My family. My friends. I could go on and on!

Current Slang: Hmm, does “holy yum” count as slang? I’ve been doing a lot of Instagram-stalking lately.

Current Outfit: 


Scrubby Dubby Do’s since I’m actually typing up this post while on the clock…shhh, that’s another one of our little secrets! 😉

Current Excitement: Definitely excited about the dinner date with my mom tonight at Panera…now if I can only decide what soup I’m going to try next!

Current Mood: Hungry.

Is that a mood? Ok, how about excited…that it’s snacktime and I get to have THIS:


I TOLD YOU these things were delicious!

Current Link:

Anyone else as addicted as I am/pissed off that they’re charging for all the good stuff now? Grr!

And yes, just in case you were wondering, I DID upload and delete these pictures onto Instagram JUST so they would all have matching borders!


PICK ONE (or more) and tell me…what’s going on with you CURRENTLY?

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