WIAW: A Perfect IE Day

Hello my loves!

As I promised on Monday, I’ve got a day of eats to share with you,
but not just ANY day of eats…

What I Ate on a PERFECT IE Day

A PERFECT day of eats!

A big thank you goes out to Jenn, our soon to be mama to a baby chickpea GIRL!!!!, for throwing the most fabulous foodie party to hit blogworld, What I Ate Wednesday!

And now, ONTO THE FOOD!!

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, the man-friend was unexpectedly called into work early Saturday morning. Not really having anything big on the agenda to do anyway (think chilly windy weather), I decided it would be a fine day to just lounge around at his house  in my PJ’s while catching up on some blog reading…and that is EXACTLY what I did!

What I didn’t realize until the end of the day was that since I was so relaxed and caught up in the lives of so many of my blogger friends, I never ONCE stopped to worry about macros, obsess over my cravings, or even check in with the Clean Your Plate Club!

Nope, I went ALL day only thinking about food as my body told me I was hungry and within minutes I just KNEW what I wanted!

And THIS is how the day went…

Egg 'n Oats

Oats cooked in almond milk, topped with a sunny-side up egg and cinnamon

Mmm, love me some sweet and savory!

Wheat Crisps w Mustard & Snap Peas w Ranch

Wheat crisps with mustard, snap peas with yogurt ranch dressing

Actually, it kinda all got mixed together as little mustard ranch pea bite thingies! 😉

Orange Greek Yogurt

Crispbread dipped in yogurt that tastes just like a frickin’ creamsicle pop! 😀

Although the toasted coconut is still my fave.

Earl Grey Latte

Earl Grey almond milk latte x 2

Is it just me or does Earl Grey taste/smell like Fruit Loops?

Quest Bar w PB

Baked chocolate brownie Quest bar topped with crunchy peanut butter


Egg 'n Injera

Sunny-side up egg over leftover injera

Note to self: Buy teff flour and make injera…LOTS of it!

Un-pictured peppermint tea x 2

Whole Foods Salad

Whole Foods salad bar with everything but the kitchen sink.

Seriously, this thing was like ELEVEN BUCKS! 😯

And it actually fed me TWICE! I sat down to dinner, got my fill, and then a couple of hours later felt hungry again so I finished it off…which was about the time the man-friend FINALLY walked through the door…poor baby!

There was also plenty of water throughout the day…not sure how much since that’s not something I’m tracking anymore either, but I felt like my body had enough.

I was SO proud of myself at the end of the day! Not only did I feel like I was 100% in tune with my hunger cues, but I also felt completely satisfied with all of my meals! But before you go proclaiming me as Heather the Magnificent Intuitive Eater, you should know that the next day, I was utterly confused after breakfast! Lol! ALL a part of the process! 😀

What’s the BEST thing you ate yesterday?

What is your 3 must-have salad toppings?
A salad just isn’t a salad without some black olives, tomatoes, and CHEESE!

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