Rockin’, Flowin’, and Zippin’ Through the Week!

What uhhhhhhhhhp?!

Happy Thursday broccoli fans! I know, I know…I have entirely too much energy right now…on a Thursday morning…but that’s probably becawwwwwse I just had a cup of coffee the size of my face in order to assure myself I can make it through the last bit  of my shift! NOT that I’m blogging at work or anything…no…because that would just be wronnnng!

Oh and if you’ve ever wondered why the hell I use so many “dot dot dots” all the time, that’s just how my brain works…if I type how I think/speak, my life is basically just a series of run-on sentences strung together…sometimes with a little song and dance thrown in just for good measure! 😉

Speaking of song and dance, have you met Meghan? If you’ve never read her bloggity blog, you really should…she’s full of energy, spunk with a capital SPAH, and a girl after my sailor-speaking heart! Seriously, go check her out! And believe it or not, that rambling wasn’t ALL pointless…


Duh duh duhhhhh! The illustrious Week in Review!

Since I’ve been jabbering on and on about meal-prepping, kitchen b!tchin’, and basically slapping you upside the face with two pieces of bread (or something like that), I haven’t had ANY time lately to tell you guys about some recent happenings over here in Broccoli Land!

While I am definitely part of the list-making crowd, I am soooo not of the Type A mentality…sorry to all you structured and organized people, but this post is gonna be all over the place!

So…last week, I worked a lot, I slept a lot (score!) annnnd…

Week in Review Eats

I ate very very VERY well!

A couple of recipes that’ll be heading your way soon AND I may or may not have made a total ROCKSTAR out of myself in the kitchen on Thursday…perrrrrhaps prompting some new confessions? But that’s a topic for a an entirely DIFFERENT day! 😉

But back to those eats…notice anything about them? I didn’t at first…which only makes me want to pat myself on the back even more, but how about the balance? And that’s even without the horribly un-photogenic but definitely delicious pizza I had on Saturday night! Sorry, but it really would have thrown off the feng shui of my collage. 😉 If you REALLY want to see it, click…

-> HERE <-

Yep, salads…candy…oats…chocolate…red meat…no meat…and enough nut butter to finally quell my craving! I’ve actually only recently noticed that for the past week and a half, I am thinking less and less about food and feeling more and more “normal.” I haven’t felt this way in over a YEAR! I am satisfying cravings, savoring my food, and things are
FINALLY flowing! 😀

On Tuesday, I got back in the gym…

Workout Selfie

I DID actually workout and not just take 14 pictures of myself in the abandoned studio room! 

It was only the ONE day…but I’m totally ok with that. The motivation is still there, but unfortunately, my knee is not. The last few things I’ve done (even just walking) has left me sore and limping. I’ve had a lot of popping and cracking going on lately so I think it’s just the scar tissue breaking up, but to be on the safe side, I’m taking a bit of a break right now…which just gives me more time in the kitchen! 😉

Eh, walking is entirely overrated anyway…ESPECIALLY when you can fly ZIP!

IMG_7278 IMG_7279 IMG_7280

My very first time ZIPLINGING!!!

Last Saturday, the man-friend and I traveled to Bottom View Farm in Portland, TN, crossed a line off my bucket list, and zipped our way around the acreage!

IMG_7271 IMG_7275IMG_7283It was the absolute BEST day to do it…clear blue skies, around 80 degrees and the views weren’t half bad to look at! There was only about 7-8 lines and maybe one that went kinda fast, but I’m definitely geared up to do it again sometime!

Afterwards, spontaneously met some friends for some UN-feng shui pizza, but not before heading to the TJ Maxx to lust over the foodie finds find me something to wear other than a t-shirt and yoga pants…

New Shirt Selfie

I found the CUTEST shirt (love the one-side zipper!) and the man-friend INSISTED on paying for it (so sweet!)…once I changed, I INSISTED on taking another 14 pictures of myself!

Oh and we also went to the movies to see Mortal Instruments! It was really good and I couldn’t help but think that Kammie looks a LOT like Lily Collins! Now I want to read the books (number 393 on my summer FALL reading list) while eating a double chocolate microwave mug cake! 😉

Alright, that’s all I’ve got…ok, not really, but how much more RANDOM could this post get?!

Have you ever been ziplining?

Do you have a celebrity twin?
I’ve been told I look like Heather Graham, Uma Thurman, and Rose McGowen
(all depending on the time of year and how blonde/red my hair looks!)

Can you believe Fall starts this SUNDAY?!!?

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