Umm, hello?

My name is Heather. It has been 2 days since my last Quest bar. 😉

It’s no secret that I have an addictive personality…whether it be a brand new CD that I play on repeat for weeks or foregoing sleep to marathon-watch all of the first season of Orange is the New Black! Ugh, does ANYONE know when the new episodes are coming out?! While my latest addiction may seem to revolve around my dwindling stash of protein bars, actually, there have been quite a few things I’ve been addicted to lately…
and I have some of my fellow bloggers to thank for that!

Goat Cheese

Or more specifically, Meghan’s Blackberry Peach Grilled Goat Cheese!

Blackberry Peach Grilled Goat Cheese

After having not one, not two, but THREE bunches of cilantro go bad on me, I FINALLY got my hands on some blackberry jam, broke out the last of my unseasonal peaches, and made the sandwich I’ve been dreaming about for MONTHS! And? It was totally worth the wait!! Creamy honey-sweetened goat cheese, warm, grilled peaches, spicy cilantro…and why yes, all that would happen to be my FREE cinnamon raisin bread!

Just to be sure that plate wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, the next morning, I decided to make it again…for breakfast! Only this time, I added a little signature Heather-strange-but-good-twist! 😉

Strawberry Jalapeno Peach Grilled Goat Cheese

I figured if regular honey and blackberry jam is delicious, then red pepper honey and strawberry jalapeno jam would probably be pretty tasty too SMACK YO MAMA GOOD! And thus the Strawberry Pepper Peach Grilled Goat Cheese was born! Oh and I also threw in some sweet sautéed onions…because duh, I’mma genius! 😉


After seeing EVERYONE make these, I FINALLY made Khushboo’s Oat Flatbreads

Lentil Tacos with Oat Flatbreads

And while I had a hard time getting them to roll out at first, they were a cinch to cook up and transformed nicely into some “tostadas” topped with Tasty Bite Madras Lentils (review coming soon), sautéed peppers and onions, tomatoes, Greek yogurt, and cilantro…with steamed spinach, avocado, and my favorite hot sauce on the side!

Lentil Taco with Oat Flatbread

But don’t for a second think that this pretty plating means these babies weren’t eaten with anything but my hands…mmmm, my messy little Mexican pizzas! 😉

Brussels Sprouts

After roasting up a pan of brussels sprouts and eating them straight up with a little honey mustard (yeah, we’ve established that I’m weird. Moving on!), I knew I had to have more and since I was totally on a roll, I decided to go for a little stretch and try Jenn’s Cranberry Cucumber Shredded Sprout Salad.

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Chicken & Goat Cheese

God, ain’t it gorgeous?!

I say “stretch” because as much as I wanted to make it, I didn’t have any feta or Caesar dressing. Instead of doing what I always do and SWEARING that I’ll make it after my next trip to the grocery store, I came to terms with my ADD and early onset Alzheimer’s and decided to just wing it with some substitutions.

Brussels Sprouts Salad Chicken & Goat Cheese

I threw in some steamed chicken breast, hemp seeds, and goat cheese instead of feta and then drizzled it with a homemade honey mustard Greek yogurt dressing.

2 T Greek yogurt + 1 T honey mustard + 1 T apple cider vinegar = YUM!

Shredded Sprouts Salad with Chicken & Goat Cheese

And well, let’s just say there’s a reason why this looks like Christmas on a plate…
ahhhh-FREAKIN-mazing! 😀


While I’m not usually a HUGE chocolate person, I’ve mentioned over the last few months that I’ve come around a bit. So when I saw Amanda’s Double Chocolate Mug Cake last week, I couldn’t help but be a little curious…

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

I also couldn’t help subbing in some peanut butter chips! Sorry, while I may have crossed over to the “dark” side (haha, get it?), I’m no choco-holic…and well, these babies are like pure CRACK! I’m sure Arman would agree with me on this one!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Mug Cake

Like chocolate peanut butter angel food cake and so freakin’ FLUFFAAAAY!


After all the kitchen success this week, I decided to revisit my little muffins…yeah, remember those guys? But I guess after seeing Amanda AND Melissa both whip up some  chocolatey coffee dunkers, I couldn’t help but follow suit!

Chocolate Glazed Kabocha Donuts

But you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for that! 😉


After getting so excited over how many people made my Crock Pot Pumpkin Chili, it feels SO good (in my heart AND my tummy) to return the favor! Plus, it just reminds me that I need to try more recipes more often! 😀

What’s the last blogger recipe that you tried?

What have you been addicted to lately?

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